More and more companies are publishing their own content. Employees can play an important part as brand ambassadors for your organization. It is very important they know what your organization stands for and what role they can play.

Blog training

Writing is a profession, but with the right coaching your employees can learn how to become accomplished bloggers. Pride PR knows how to get people enthusiastic for writing for the internet.

Social media training

What social media are you going to use? How will your organization benefit from it? What will I let my employees write, and what not? These are very important questions. The internet world changes on a daily basis, and if your company wants to remain relevant, you have to know how social media work and why they work. Pride PR offers social media trainings that fit your organization.

Media training

Every company, and every human being, is a potential publisher nowadays. Your company could easily be confronted with (civil) journalism. If you are well prepared it is easier to tell your story the way you want it to. With a good preparation comes knowledge on how the media work. What makes the news? Is your story relevant enough? Are there issues that could surprise you? And even more important: how can you get your message across with the conviction and authority it needs? A Pride PR media training teaches you how to think like a journalist.

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