Social media

It could be a sound idea to outsource the management of your social media channels and your company blogs to professionals that deal with it on a daily basis. We interact with your audience and are always up to date on the developments in this area. We keep you on course and we tell your story to everyone that needs to hear it.

Social promotions

Sometimes a product or service has to be promoted fast with a specific target audience. In such cases, social media promotion can be a very effective tool. At Pride PR we specialize in developing and implementing social media promotions. Of course, your social media environment and your webcare have to be ready and branded, and the most important thing: you should be able to measure the conversion.


Through years of experience we know how to build an audience, and how to keep an audience. We accomplish this by working with the core values of your brand, so it is very important for us to know how the organization thinks, what its values are, what its story is, and with what message we start the conversation with the customer.

And what’s more: we can teach you how to do this yourself!

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