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Welcome to Pride, the communication agency for entrepreneurial brands. Contributing to your success is our ongoing mission and our experts will gladly help you optimize your PR and marketing. We believe that communication should be feasible and fun, and that it should pay itself back. How do we make that happen?

An effective story

You cannot buy media attention. People are tired of commercials and advertisements are no longer read. How do you make sure your brand reaches your target audience? At Pride, we think a good story should be the backbone of your marketing strategy. We are a public relations agency with born storytellers, and we can put your story and your message center stage. We know a good story when we hear one and we know what stories are going to get you media attention. Together with our customers, we create effective campaigns, based on communication that makes sense.

Communication strategy

Pride helps you develop your brand personality. Your brand personality ultimately determines how you communicate, be it in an article in a newspaper or magazine, a press release, or a message on social media. Next, we want to know where we are going, what our goals are and when we expect to arrive there. Only then can we achieve measurable results. Communication objectives, such as scope, ranking, sentiment, likes, retweets, and opinions, are our means to get there. According to some, this is beyond the scope of PR. For us it is precisely that which justifies our existence.

Want to know more? Take a look at our services to find out what else we can do for you.

Brands2Life Global

We are proud to be part of the Brands2Life Global Network of international, owner-managed PR agencies. Our international collaboration encourages the shared values of strategy and content development, storytelling and evaluation. As a network of independent entrepreneurial agencies we work together to deliver award-winning work for our clients.

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Pride PR brings performance-based PR to entrepreneurial brands
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